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Su did not want cheap montblanc pens to Dali Chu Yun Fei and dared to go against his grandson, but secretly through the former butler Wei Chu Yun Fei recuperation understand the current situation, as well as the attitude of the other side of the ink pigments Division. was getting late, the snow has stopped, the outside is a vast expanse of snow to cover.
Sheng Yan sitting in the library, looking at the vast white under shady land through the windows, the mood was discount montblanc pens very heavy. 'Wei Yuan, you say how do I do now?' Yan Sheng heavy tone of inquiry housekeeper opinion.
original Wei Yan came from thirty-five possessions housekeeper has been accompanied by Yan Sheng three cheap montblanc pens for sale years, in addition to the master-servant relationship between the two, in fact were more close friendship. 'Master Sun observed the sidelines these days, I could see Master Sun is really in love with Miss Chu, his meticulous care of Miss Chu, and as long as there is the presence of Miss Chu, Sun Master will be a serious personality change often saw him smile. '
Division Yan Wei original ink grew up watching, in his eyes, Yan Secretary ink was a quiet, indifferent to anything in for children, but with counterfeit montblanc pens the exception of Chu Yun Fei passionate about, and feel free to show a smile, this is the last he had never seen before. Even when master declared a beautiful young lady to be his fiancee Sandy, Sun Master nor who expose too sincere smile, personality becomes more indifferent than ever, and even went to Taiwan and therefore fake montblanc pens bloom inherit his grandfather's school. it has been the master mind of the pain, but in order to maintain the dignity of Laxialianlai has refused to talk with their grandchildren.
'He only smiled to the woman, but always give me buy montblanc pen face to see.' think there is gas! Yan Sheng-hand vertical desktop grimace of anger. 'Master, if you start to not force him to take care of Miss Susan Beattie, do not force him to miss the pedicle engagement with Alexandra, I think ...... Master Sun he would never leave the house, not to become so cold personality, difficult to get along . ' put it bluntly, the Secretary Yan ink is forced to leave the marriage.
'What are you blame me? Wei Yuan, your great courage Well, actually dare to reprove me? I'm not afraid to let you immediately pack up and walk?' heart has enough gas, and also his housekeeper chatter, Yan Sheng anger index more soared. 'I'm sorry,